Utopian Love


“We come to love, not by finding a perfect person, but by loving an imperfect person perfectly.”

To fall in love with someone for the darkest parts of them is something to really behold. It is so simple and easy to love someone when things are nice and lovely. With no worries, cares, or egos getting in the way. This is not a test of love, but merely an elementary pre-cursor to the impending test of ones love towards another.

Love is not limited to lovers or spouses. Love can be given to anyone we choose to extend it to. Our children, friends, and even enemies. What kind of world would we live in if we chose to love our enemies the same way we loved the ones we shared our beds with? What might that make possible for the healing of humanity?

I know what is being asked is a very difficult concept to grasp, but I truly want to explore the realm of total love and forgiveness. What is at the source of our pain is almost never someone else. We think that it is, we insist on the responsibility of another and always at the end of that journey, we find ourselves emerged in the understanding that we are at the source of our complete experience. We are the masters of our universe, the captains of our souls. No one else is at that helm. It is just us, just our lowly hands that have been marred by dirt and dust and we have cuts on our hand where the blood of our experience stains our past. And yet, we still have the loving capacity to forgive, to extend grace and to birth new life in every interaction.

My God, that kind of love would alter the course of humanity as we know it and a new age of harmony and peace would be ushered in. So that our children’s children would a know a world without wars and hunger. Where all would be working towards the harmonious experience of each other.

Tim Love

The Love Guru


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