“Many a man cur…


“Many a man curses the rain that falls upon his head, and knows not that it brings abundance to drive away the hunger.” – Saint Basil

I have been getting the best lessons in abundance, and almost none of them have anything to do with money. For the longest time, I would always equate abundance with some aspect of financial wealth; It seems to be a common practice. So I quickly adopted this point of view and went off to the races. As I started to expand my horizons a little bit, I began to notice that abundance actually has very little to do with money and almost everything to do with life as a whole.

I believe that everything we will ever need is right here inside of us. All the power, talents, skills, and abilities we need to take care of ourselves actually lies innately in who we are as spirit and body.

If this is true, then why are so many people not experiencing the abundance they so desire? I actually think it has to do with this idea that we are not where we want to be. “Where ever you go, there you are.” I know most of us have that quote before. We are, at this moment in time, full of all the abundance we desire. However, I assert, that deep down, most of us don’t actually have the courage or the consciousness to actually grab it. We shy away, we see success and we become afraid. We have become so frightened of the goodness that we have built and then we complain about it when it doesn’t show up the exact way we imagined it.

Plants don’t grow in any particular order, they simply grow. Animals follow a protocol and adapt to what they need. Humans make up stories in their heads and then complain when something doesn’t go there way. I think its time that we start to accept the wonderful and beautiful experience of abundance in our lives right now. Right where we are. Look at what you have and be so amazingly grateful for it. There are others across the world who don’t have what you have!

This challenge for the week is to identify 3 thing or areas where you experience immense abundance and bring mindfulness to these areas. Write them down, talk about them, feel them in your dreams and love yourself when you wake up!

As always, I welcome comments about the post!

With all peace and love….

Tim Long – The Love Guru 


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