“The world suff…


“The world suffers a lot, not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people.” Napoleon

I was struck by this quote today, almost as if it stirred up a fire in the depth of my soul. It started to occur to me how much suffering really does go on in the world and how much of a difference could be made if a few good people stood up to cause it. 

I wouldn’t consider myself an activist at this point in my life and I totally would join or start a cause that I felt moved by or inspired about. 

I think what is truly profound about this quote is that calls for us to do more with our lives than just work, play, eat, and sleep. I would say that the majority of people I know, just barely live the potential of their lives each day, and I am just as guilty. But I believe that by seeing that we are aren’t living our lives fully, that we have all these gaps to close, we can move into a place in ourselves that catapults our power and energy into the possibility of worldly and spiritual transformation. 

My purpose in life has not always been clear. I jumped around from thing to thing for years trying to find out what really inspired me and spoke to my soul. I would have all this energy in the beginning of things and soon I would fizzle out and drop off the board. I felt like there was something wrong with me, like I wasn’t the same as all these other people who didn’t have a problem doing these things. I finally figured out that it was simply because I hadn’t found out what I was meant for.

We are all meant for something, and I discovered that I was meant to cause miracles on this earth. To shift people, to stir them, to inspire them, to build them up, to let them know that their lives are worth it, to show people love and peace. 

What were you meant for? What talents and abilities do you have that you can offer to the world? These are questions you need to be asking on a regular basis. 

Today ask yourself these questions and don’t try to answer them right away, just let them sit….

As always, leave a comment with thoughts!

With peace and love…

Tim Long – The Love Guru


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