“This is a good…


“This is a good sign, having a broken heart; Its means we have tried for something.” Elizabeth Gilbert

As I was searching for what I wanted to write about this week, I came across this quote by Elizabeth Gilbert and it struck me. It reminded me of something incredibly important and valuable. 

It really is better to feel deep pain and feel deep love than to have felt neither of them. I know that some of you are going through some of your worst storms ever, heaven knows I have been there. What I want to leave you with this week is simple and easy. 

I want you to accept your power for putting yourself out there. You stepped out of your zone when so many would have just stayed inside. You spread your wings and flew across the canvas of possibility into the realm unknown. By taking that action, I will tell you that it is worth it. Regardless of the outcome, it stretched you, pulled you, pushed you and ultimately grew you. You may not see the growth at this moment, you may even resent the growth at this moment, but what I am here to let you know is that I acknowledge your courage. Your tenacity to jump full force into a pool of darkness so that you could spread your light of love. 

It has been tough and it has been amazing, such is the duality of our lives. How we respond to these experiences define who we are. 

I love you all, everyone who reads this and everyone who doesn’t. We are not separate, we are not alone. 

If you are feeling alone, or lost, or confused, please leave me a comment, or email me. I would love to hear from you!

Tim “Love” Long

The Love Guru


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