“Reason lost th…


“Reason lost the battle, and all I could do was surrender and accept I was in love.” – Paulo Cohelo

This time in my life has been one of the most challenging experiences of my existence. Almost all of the challenge being emotional and spiritual. I continue to be tested beyond belief in every area of my life. Tested to maintain my peace and my love in a world that has all but forgotten how wonderfully loving we all are. 

I have been trying so hard to “push” through the muck and grime of my life on my own, thinking I have the power or the fortitude to “win” on my own. One of the things I recently discovered is that I have already won, its simply up to me to surrender to the spirit and allow myself to be a person who “wins”. 

I have been relating to my life as if there is somewhere I have to get. Somewhere I have to be in order to make my life happen. And I can only help but think that I am going through all of this because it will benefit me down the road. Thats what we have been told right? All this pain and tough experience will be an asset at some point in our life. To which I always rebuttal: “But why does it have to hurt so much?!?” Either way, something deep down does, in fact, believe in divine providence and that whatever I am experiencing in this moment is somehow shaping me for something greater down the road. And the key for and for many others is for us to remember that what we are going through is a chance to learn, grow, experience, and love our lives just as they are. 

So my test for you, (for myself) and for as many people who want to undertake it, is to surrender to the spirit. Surrender to your spirit, the heart inside of you that is guiding you, ultimately, to the place you desire to be!

Rock out and live my love! 

Tim Long

The Love Guru


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