“Hearts will ne…


“Hearts will never be practical until they are made UNBREAKABLE.” _Wizard of OZ

This is quick post this week. I wanted to find a quote that really spoke to my heart and this is one of them.

Practicality and reality have no place in the realm of love. In that realm, all things are possible and no limitation can ever enter in this sacred place of light and beauty. In the sanctuary of loves embrace, we find solace from the storm and rest from the long journey of our lives.

And when we get hurt by another, we forget the majestic experience of loves calling. We fill our heart with ice and stone, determined to never feel that way again. The only problem is, is that when we fill our heart with ice, it has no chance of filling with anything else.

Today, fill you heart with warmth and joy. Fill it with possibility and choice. Choose to love all of the people around you, through you, and next to you. Don’t stop filling your heart with warmth. You won’t regret it!

Peace and Love

Tim Long

– The Love Guru


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