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“We come to love, not by finding a perfect person, but by loving an imperfect person perfectly.”

To fall in love with someone for the darkest parts of them is something to really behold. It is so simple and easy to love someone when things are nice and lovely. With no worries, cares, or egos getting in the way. This is not a test of love, but merely an elementary pre-cursor to the impending test of ones love towards another.

Love is not limited to lovers or spouses. Love can be given to anyone we choose to extend it to. Our children, friends, and even enemies. What kind of world would we live in if we chose to love our enemies the same way we loved the ones we shared our beds with? What might that make possible for the healing of humanity?

I know what is being asked is a very difficult concept to grasp, but I truly want to explore the realm of total love and forgiveness. What is at the source of our pain is almost never someone else. We think that it is, we insist on the responsibility of another and always at the end of that journey, we find ourselves emerged in the understanding that we are at the source of our complete experience. We are the masters of our universe, the captains of our souls. No one else is at that helm. It is just us, just our lowly hands that have been marred by dirt and dust and we have cuts on our hand where the blood of our experience stains our past. And yet, we still have the loving capacity to forgive, to extend grace and to birth new life in every interaction.

My God, that kind of love would alter the course of humanity as we know it and a new age of harmony and peace would be ushered in. So that our children’s children would a know a world without wars and hunger. Where all would be working towards the harmonious experience of each other.

Tim Love

The Love Guru


“Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person.” ― Gerard Way


I recently left my stable job to find out what I need to do with my life for myself. Not what other people think I should do. I know its hard, sometimes seemingly impossible to predict how are lives are going to go. Life almost never turns out the way we planned. My question to you is this; if you looked yourself in the mirror on your death bed, could you honestly say you did what you most wanted to do with your life?

I think its time for a mass awakening of conscious beings to rise up and say no more. No more with how the status quo is. We tolerate, we placate, and we accept far less than what we know is completely possible.

So do it, do something that you’re afraid of. Do it now, call that person, quit that job, and live your life. Say yes to who you are and say no to who you’re not!

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Tim Long – Thee Love Guru

“What happens w…


“What happens when people open their hearts?”…
“They get better.”
― Haruki Murakami

Today is going to be a practice in healing. Healing our wounds, our anger, our self-loathing and ultimately, healing our mind. In my line of work, I often hear how so many want to be loved and have incredible connection and are still resigned and afraid to open up because of their fear of possible pain. 

I believe that the depth to which we will experience love is also directly related to the depth to which we are willing to be hurt. I think that they walk hand in hand, side by side. You cannot have the darkness without the light. If there were no darkness, we wouldn’t have the context for what light really is. If we didn’t know what pain and hurt felt like, I don’t know that feeling love would be as joyous. 

I do want to add a caveat, when we are born, we are born with nothing but love and so we need not have the context of darkness. Sadly, the world is simply a representation of this duality. The yin and yang, the light and dark, the good and bad, they all exist on this physical plane. And in order to experience the most healing, the most peace, is to operate inside of both aspects of our life. Not experience the extreme of each, but simply to play in the middle of each.

How you deal with something amazing is just as important with how you deal with something hard. 

My suggestion to you is this, go out and put yourself on the line. It will scare you, it will make you stop dead in your tracks and in that moment, you have a choice. You have a choice to take one more step and see that you are courageous. That you are magnificent and that what you put your mind to is totally possible.

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Love, Peace, and Gratitude!

Tim Long – The Love Guru

“Male or female…


“Male or female, if my name were either Don or Dawn, I’d be up at sunrise to celebrate the glory that is me.
― Jarod Kintz

This week, I would like to take a few minutes and talk about celebration. 

We live in a world where we are constantly growing, constantly looking for that one weakness that is holding us back. We are striving for answers in a world of questions and yet, I believe we often forget to acknowledge and celebrate all the achievements and love along the way.

How often does someone give you credit, only for you to turn right around and invalidate the praise because you don’t feel worthy enough or you haven’t done enough to warrant such a compliment? I know I have done that in the past and I actually think this is doing both you and the person giving the credit a grave disservice. Its as if you are pinching off life or squeezing the blood from your veins. That praise, that acknowledgment, that recognition of something well done is what we live for and we are so wrapped up in all that we are doing we forget to allow ourselves the opportunity to enjoy the success, moment by moment.


This week, as you are doing and being the best person you can be, when someone gives you praise, practice letting it all in. Some other human being has noticed something great about you and it has touched them enough that they want to say something to you about it. Do not pinch this off, this an effort to connect and it should be something that we revel in, not something we push away!

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Peace and Love….

Tim Long – The Love Guru

“Many a man cur…


“Many a man curses the rain that falls upon his head, and knows not that it brings abundance to drive away the hunger.” – Saint Basil

I have been getting the best lessons in abundance, and almost none of them have anything to do with money. For the longest time, I would always equate abundance with some aspect of financial wealth; It seems to be a common practice. So I quickly adopted this point of view and went off to the races. As I started to expand my horizons a little bit, I began to notice that abundance actually has very little to do with money and almost everything to do with life as a whole.

I believe that everything we will ever need is right here inside of us. All the power, talents, skills, and abilities we need to take care of ourselves actually lies innately in who we are as spirit and body.

If this is true, then why are so many people not experiencing the abundance they so desire? I actually think it has to do with this idea that we are not where we want to be. “Where ever you go, there you are.” I know most of us have that quote before. We are, at this moment in time, full of all the abundance we desire. However, I assert, that deep down, most of us don’t actually have the courage or the consciousness to actually grab it. We shy away, we see success and we become afraid. We have become so frightened of the goodness that we have built and then we complain about it when it doesn’t show up the exact way we imagined it.

Plants don’t grow in any particular order, they simply grow. Animals follow a protocol and adapt to what they need. Humans make up stories in their heads and then complain when something doesn’t go there way. I think its time that we start to accept the wonderful and beautiful experience of abundance in our lives right now. Right where we are. Look at what you have and be so amazingly grateful for it. There are others across the world who don’t have what you have!

This challenge for the week is to identify 3 thing or areas where you experience immense abundance and bring mindfulness to these areas. Write them down, talk about them, feel them in your dreams and love yourself when you wake up!

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With all peace and love….

Tim Long – The Love Guru 

“The world suff…


“The world suffers a lot, not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people.” Napoleon

I was struck by this quote today, almost as if it stirred up a fire in the depth of my soul. It started to occur to me how much suffering really does go on in the world and how much of a difference could be made if a few good people stood up to cause it. 

I wouldn’t consider myself an activist at this point in my life and I totally would join or start a cause that I felt moved by or inspired about. 

I think what is truly profound about this quote is that calls for us to do more with our lives than just work, play, eat, and sleep. I would say that the majority of people I know, just barely live the potential of their lives each day, and I am just as guilty. But I believe that by seeing that we are aren’t living our lives fully, that we have all these gaps to close, we can move into a place in ourselves that catapults our power and energy into the possibility of worldly and spiritual transformation. 

My purpose in life has not always been clear. I jumped around from thing to thing for years trying to find out what really inspired me and spoke to my soul. I would have all this energy in the beginning of things and soon I would fizzle out and drop off the board. I felt like there was something wrong with me, like I wasn’t the same as all these other people who didn’t have a problem doing these things. I finally figured out that it was simply because I hadn’t found out what I was meant for.

We are all meant for something, and I discovered that I was meant to cause miracles on this earth. To shift people, to stir them, to inspire them, to build them up, to let them know that their lives are worth it, to show people love and peace. 

What were you meant for? What talents and abilities do you have that you can offer to the world? These are questions you need to be asking on a regular basis. 

Today ask yourself these questions and don’t try to answer them right away, just let them sit….

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With peace and love…

Tim Long – The Love Guru

“Have patience …


“Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart.
…live in the question.”
― Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

I am remiss, I have not kept up my normal habit of getting my post done on Sundays, for that I do apologize to my readers and will make sure to have my posts done on time.

With that being said, let us delve deeper into the world of our own uncertainty. Whether it be with work, love, family, life or anything in between, I want to address our relationship to uncertainty. 

We live in a world of guarantees, promises, insurance, and many other types of “certainty” systems to ease our fears of what might come our way. And the truth is, is that we do a pretty good job of fooling ourselves into thinking that we are safe from life. 

I too am guilty of looking for this control, this safety net that never really existed except in my mind. There will always be a new frontier for us to examine, sometimes this can be of a physical nature and sometimes it can one of emotional or spiritual growth. Whatever you are presented with makes no difference, how you handle all the uncertainty of it is paramount. At any given moment, we are dealing with so many circumstances for which the answer to eludes us. And even when we find this answer, it doesn’t empower us to live our lives any fuller than we have been living. But if we were to stop and see ourselves in the moment of discovery, in that moment when things were not for certain, those moments would be the ones that we would point to as the moments we felt most alive.

Give yourself over to this illusion. Slap it in the face and tell it that it is a lie. You don’t know what tomorrow may hold. You don’t know what treasures and tragedies the next day may bring you. You don’t even know if you will live to meet the next day.

So what is it that you are waiting for???


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With Love, Peace, and Gratitude

Tim Long – The Love Guru